Portrait Inspiration

I think this photo of Pablo Picasso by Richard Avedon is an outstanding portrait.  I think the use of light really helps reveal some of the subjects nature. I think the light is very similar to the sort of light you might want to shoot a child. The soft light coming from around 4 o’clock makes Picasso seem very calm and inquisitive. I think Avedon could have chosen to shoot this very famous artist in a kind of intimidating style but instead the light and almost blowing out the side of his face make him seem just filled with some kind of wonderment. He also seems intense but it’s not a scary intense just someone who is very passionate. Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. “ I think Picasso not only remained an artist but a child in some ways and this picture demonstrates this.


Pablo Picasso, artist, Beaulieu, France, April 16, 1958 by Richard Avedon.

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